Iraqi Art and Culture

Mohammed is an Iraqi refugee. This is his story.

Iraq is Flying by Iraqi Artist Jamal Penjweny

“Iraq is Flying” by Jamal Penjweny.

Iraqi Women in the Desert - Iraqi Art and Culture

“Iraqi Desert” by Esam Saheb.


The Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) brings art and culture from Iraq, the Cradle of Civilization, to the United States. We bring Iraqi and American artists together in dialogue. We create a platform for the support of Iraqi art in an effort to support the rebuilding of culture and the recording of stories. We invite you to participate.

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Iraqi art and veteran art exhibits

View image galleries, press releases, and information about previous exhibits of Iraqi and veteran art around the war in Iraq.

Bookmaking and Videomaking - Iraqi and veteran art

IARP and partners have made books and videos with several Iraqis. The books and videos tell the stories of the Iraqi authors and producers. Also presented are several books by American veterans and a curriculum for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Click here to view the books and videos.

Collections of Iraqi and veteran art

Building on the transformative power of art, the Iraqi Art Project helps to personalize relationships with Iraqis and bridges American communities with Iraqi artists. Some of the art carry messages that invite the Children of Abraham Christians, Jews and Muslims””to recognize their common roots. View IARP’s collection of art by contemporary Iraqi artists here.

Iraqi Futures

This project started from conversations between a group of Iraqi artists, the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project, and the Veterans Book Project. With the artists, we decided to ask Iraqis to speak about the state of Iraq today and what they want to see changed or improved. The responses here are a compilation of email, blog, Facebook, phone, Skype, and in-person conversations with Iraqis from a variety of locations within and outside of Iraq. Click here to read more.

Iraqi Film

IARP has partnered with filmmaker Nathan Fisher to screen his film, The Unreturned, at locations in Minnesota and around the United States. Shot in cinema-verite style in Syria and Jordan, the 75-minute documentary vividly portrays the lives of five displaced Iraqis from different ethnicities and religions. Click here to watch a trailer and find out more about the film.