Become a Partner for Peace
What Will Your Gift Do?



Number of Iraqis who now have access to clean water.



Number of people reached by the Iraqi Art Project, which brings Iraqi and American culture in dialogue through art.



Number of people reached by the Sister City Project, which supports cultural, professional, and personal exchanges between the Sister Cities of Minneapolis, MN and Najaf, Iraq.


What your gift can do:

$25: Provides 2 hygiene kits to internally displaced persons.

$100: Provide hospitality to an Iraqi guest in the US for a week.

$250: Bring a shipment of Iraqi artworks to the US and support cultural dialogue.

$500: Enable a community reception with Iraqi authors and video producers presenting about their stories.

$1000: Help launch a mini-film festival of Iraqi films.

$5000: Catalyze a tour of Iraqi film, book art, and other visual art in the United States.


Comments from our supporters:

“This project marks the beginning to create a more hopeful tomorrow.… I want my people to bury the past and start over. I seek to remove the clash of civilizations from the dictionary of our lives. I seek to build a future that is based on our hopes rather than our fears and apprehensions.”
– Muhammad Fazaa, Baghdad

“IARP offers a wider spectrum of discourse about the effects of war on the human condition. It presents real stories by real people who have been directly affected by forces much larger than themselves, in many ways acting beyond their control. The challenge for IARP is to make these perspectives accessible to the public, no easy task, but one IARP should be commended for in terms of how far it has been able to run with it. I would love to see it go further.”

– Attendee at an IARP art exhibit