Meet our new social media volunteer – Mustafa Hamza

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Hi! I’m Mustafa Hamza and I’m from Iraq. I am more than proud to work as a volunteer with IARP. I grew up in Baghdad with a normal childhood as most of you did. Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of war! I was born during Gulf War, and saw massive bombings and military operations on my city during the 1990s. After the 2003 war we expected all of that to be over. When I became a teenager, civil war had started in Iraq. I have seen a lot of scenes that I cannot erase from my memory. Then, I started to think, why is all of that happening? I have reached the conclusion that we are all humans! And if there is something that unites us all, which make us share the same values., it is humanity. Peace is the only way that allows us to have our humanity back. I have volunteered to help spread peace with multiple organizations. I believe that there are people just like me in United States, who share the same values with me, and they are far away from guns and weapons. I volunteered with IARP to build peace bridges between us away from war. I started my journey with IARP in 2010. I had to stop at a time to pursue my dream in science. I’m finishing my Master’s Degree in microelectronics engineering. Regrettably, the situation is starting to be bad again in my country, which motivated me to continue my voluntary work in peace. I wish that everybody will be happy and live in peace in this world.

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