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Kathy McKay, Executive Director

Ms. McKay is a co-founder of the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project. A resident of St. Louis Park, MN, Kathy has been involved in management in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds for 35 years, primarily in the health care arena and as principal in two start-ups.

Email: kathy@reconciliationproject.org



Jessica Belt, Deputy Director

Ms. Belt, a graduate of the University of Minnesota and longtime resident of Lebanon, is fluent in Arabic and experienced as an educator, event organizer and networker across international lines.

Email: jessy@reconciliationproject.org


Tricia Khutoretsky, Curator

Tricia holds an M.A. in Arts and Cultural Management from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Her undergraduate degree is from Macalester College in English and Communications. She has worked extensively in the Twin Cities in editorial, art direction and curatorial positions. Tricia grew up in the Middle East.

Email: tricia@reconciliationproject.org