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“Unforgetting Iraq: In Search of Recovery” in Kimballton, Iowa

By Tricia Khutoretsky, IARP Curator In early May, I took an overnight trip to Kimballton, Iowa on behalf of the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project to install a special exhibit for the New Century Art Guild. NCAG is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that promotes the growth of artistic culture and development of art-related careers in  Continue Reading »

Water for Peace Art Auction at Medtronic Child Care Center, Minnesota

Week of: June 3 2013 “Only 30 percent of children nationwide have access to safe drinking water in Iraq.” ~UN Children’s Fund At the Medtronic Child Care Center in Minnesota, the Preschool 1&2 and the Transition classrooms wanted to make a difference…

You are Invited to Help Celebrate Iraqi Authors and Filmmakers in Minneapolis

On January 24, 2013, IARP will partner with The Advocates for Human Rights, the Veterans Book Project, and the International Leadership Program at the University of St. Thomas to host a reception with Iraqis in Minneapolis who wrote books or produced films with IARP and partners this summer. The reception will feature the Iraqi-produced books  Continue Reading »

Images of Hope: Iraq Looks Forward

IARP is proud to announce the opening of Images of Hope, a new exhibit now on display at the Maple Grove Art Center. This photography-based collection features the works of seven Iraqi artists. One piece now on display is the photo series Iraq is Flying by Jamel Penjeweny. The artist captures Iraqi people leaping in the  Continue Reading »

Images of Hope: IARP and Maple Grove Arts Center to Present Contemporary Iraqi Artworks

Almost a decade after the United States invaded Iraq, the effects of war and occupation remain: deaths of loved ones, violence, and destroyed infrastructure. Yet there is also hope. In a new exhibit presented by IARP at Maple Grove Arts Center, young Iraqi artists bring attention to both the lasting devastation of war and hope for the future.

Celebrating Iraqi First-Time Authors

On September 12, 2012, IARP and partners hosted a reception for Iraqis in Minnesota who participated in book-making workshops organized by IARP, the Veterans Book Project, and The Advocates for Human Rights. Many of the authors are refugees. Some are students. All created books telling their stories.

Artworks by Minneapolis artist traveling in Karbala, Iraq

Minneapolis-based artist Sean Smuda sent artworks from his Blown Derivatives project with Muslim Peacemaker Teams Director Sami Rasouli when Sami returned to Najaf, Iraq this past February. Today, the artworks are traveling to farms, art exhibits, local streets by holy shrines and various communities in Karbala, Iraq. This display of Blown Derivatives is made possible by  Continue Reading »

Eleven Reflections on September

Eleven Reflections on September Written, directed, and performed by Andrea Assaf. A poetry-based, multi-media performance on the Arab American experience, Wars on/of Terror, and “the constant, quiet rain of death amidst beauty” that each autumn brings in a post-9/11 world, this full-length theater production is based on the series of poems Andrea Assaf has been writing since 2001, spanning the  Continue Reading »

"Navigating the Aftermath"

In a recent Oval Office address, President Obama marked the “end” of combat operations in Iraq: “We have met our responsibility. Now, it is time to turn the page.” Not so fast. Unfortunately, the Iraq War has etched itself onto our two countries’ histories: more than 4,400 Americans dead; at least 100,000 Iraqis dead; more than 32,000 Americans wounded; at least two  Continue Reading »

Chicago in War

The distance is great. The disconnect is great. The impact is deep. CHICAGO IN WAR A project of The National Veterans Art Museum and Iraq Veterans Against the War Chicago in War is a series of events, art shows, and performances that explores the continued rupturing of the traumas of war in everyday America. The occupations of  Continue Reading »