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Christmas in Karbala by Cathy Breen

One of the questions that repeatedly arose was “What will happen under Trump to all Muslims in America?”

“We want the U.S. to understand one thing” said a student. “Islam doesn’t mean terrorism.”

When asked if there was any interest in the US elections, a female student spoke up. “The elections were not important for us, but somehow the U.S. rules the world and I think the elections for the U.S. president should be worldwide. I was really disappointed in Trump.” Another student felt that it didn’t matter who was elected, the U.S. policy would remain the same.

Both Najaf and Karbala house holy Shia shrines and thousands of pilgrims visit both cities annually. They are two areas which, thank God, have remained for the most part safe and stable. It is one of the reasons we can travel here.

One of the first students to speak in the lecture hall of about 150 students said “On facebook I get the impression people think we are dodging bullets and bombs every day. We live a normal life.” Someone retorted, but not harshly, “And in Mosel or in other parts of Iraq?”

“Painting has the ability to reach out and reconcile… for it is near to the soul”

IARP is helping an Iraqi artist, Fatin Al-Jumaily, apply for the summer Women’s Art Institute at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. The following is a message from Fatin (thank you to IARP Board Member Salam Murtada for the translation):

An American Delegation Visits Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

An article on the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine’s website covered a recent visit by an IARP delegation: By Mohammed Jassim “An American delegation visited Imam Hussein holy shrine on 18-Nov-2012. The head of the delegation who is a history teacher Mrs. Kathy McKay said in an interview with media of Imam Hussein holy shrine, ‘the  Continue Reading »

Journal from Najaf: A Lesson in Hospitality

By Cathy Breen Cathy Breen is a Catholic Worker at Mary House in New York City. She lived in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion in 2003 and during the occupation. Cathy spends several months each year living amongst Iraqis who reside in Amman, Jordan. She is currently visiting IARP’s partner organization in Najaf, Iraq,  Continue Reading »