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Christmas in Karbala by Cathy Breen

One of the questions that repeatedly arose was “What will happen under Trump to all Muslims in America?”

“We want the U.S. to understand one thing” said a student. “Islam doesn’t mean terrorism.”

When asked if there was any interest in the US elections, a female student spoke up. “The elections were not important for us, but somehow the U.S. rules the world and I think the elections for the U.S. president should be worldwide. I was really disappointed in Trump.” Another student felt that it didn’t matter who was elected, the U.S. policy would remain the same.

Both Najaf and Karbala house holy Shia shrines and thousands of pilgrims visit both cities annually. They are two areas which, thank God, have remained for the most part safe and stable. It is one of the reasons we can travel here.

One of the first students to speak in the lecture hall of about 150 students said “On facebook I get the impression people think we are dodging bullets and bombs every day. We live a normal life.” Someone retorted, but not harshly, “And in Mosel or in other parts of Iraq?”

Minneapolis Sister Cities Day 2013 a Success!

Thank you to everyone who made the Minneapolis Sister Cities Day 2013 a success! A special thanks to our volunteers from Target*Northtown who made it a special day for all the kids who attended. Minneapolis Sister Cities Day is an annual event presenting the cultures of Minneapolis’ 10 Sister Cities, including Najaf, Iraq. IARP and  Continue Reading »

Come Join Us for Sister Cities Day this Sunday the 14th!

Come join us for Sister Cities Day Celebration and Ice Cream Social this Sunday, July 14th, 1-5 pm. at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in downtown Minneapolis, MN! This free family event offers dancing, live music, free ice cream, and fun for all ages. Enjoy arts, crafts, games, and activities about Najaf, Iraq, at the IARP booth,  Continue Reading »

Cruise with Iraqi Women Leaders

Meet and support courageous women leaders from Iraq July 2, 2013 6:00 – 9:00 PM Lady of the Lake Cruise, Lake Minnetonka 8 Water Street Excelsior, MN 55331

Iraq Today: An Eyewitness Report, March 20, 2013

IARP Board Member Steve Clemens and Executive Director Kathy McKay, along with five other Americans, spent ten days in Minneapolis’ Sister City of Najaf, Iraq, in November 2012. On the 10th anniversary of the second Gulf War, they will speak about their experience and the broader political reality in Iraq.

Five Cups of Tea

By Kathy McKay, Executive Director McKay returned on November 22 from a delegation to Najaf, Iraq In slim, clear glass, cups about four inches tall we are offered tea at least five times a day here in Iraq. After meals, between meal breaks and during meetings the delicate cups with small gold spoon come out  Continue Reading »

Photos from Minneapolis Delegation to Sister City Najaf

A delegation organized by the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) traveled to Minneapolis’ Sister City of Najaf, Iraq from November 9 to November 20, 2012. According to the Najaf provincial government, which helped host the delegation, the group of seven Americans was the first American citizen delegation to travel to Najaf after the withdrawal of the  Continue Reading »

Farewell to My Friends in Iraq: Day 12

By Steve Clemens, IARP Board Member Clemens is currently in Iraq with a delegation from Minneapolis We deliberately left the last day fairly unscheduled so we could begin the process of packing – especially all the gifts we were given by the Iraqis we met. We’ve been given pens, keychains, a mirror, a crystalline sculpture,  Continue Reading »

Abundance Beyond Generosity: On The Road to Babylon on Day 11 in Iraq

By Steve Clemens, IARP Board Member Clemens is currently in Iraq with a delegation from Minneapolis It was raining this morning as we left for the city of Hilla and the nearby ruins of Babylon. We were riding in a 20+ passenger bus with members of the Muslim Peacemaker Team as we headed about 45  Continue Reading »

Generosity: Day 10 in Iraq

By Steve Clemens, IARP Board Member Clemens is currently in Iraq with a delegation from Minneapolis The dinner was held in one of Najaf’s best restaurants according to the former owner of Sinbad’s in south Minneapolis who sold his business to return to help his home nation rebuild during the war. Sami Rasouli and another  Continue Reading »