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IARP continues to be committed to challenging xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric and supporting an expanded understanding of one another. In order to meet the needs of our increased programming in 2017 and beyond, we are delighted to welcome Allie Harris to the IARP team as our part-time Development and Program Associate! Allie has her M.A. in Islamic Studies and has been interning with IARP since January of this year.


After finishing my M.A. in Islamic Studies from the University of Denver in Summer 2016, I moved to Minnesota and found the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project. I am so lucky to have IARP be my introduction to the Twin Cities. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing individuals and I find myself constantly inspired by the work of those around me.

Interning with IARP over the last seven months has been an incredible experience. The work I have done in our community has refreshed my passion for my field. In my time with IARP, there are a few moments that stand above the rest. In February, I was able to participate in a beautiful, peaceful march through the streets of Minneapolis in support of refugees and then write a blog about the event for our website. In May, I had the pleasure of attending the Festival of Nations. Thousands of people visited our booth, anxious to learn more about Iraq and I was excited to use this opportunity to practice my Arabic while writing visitors names. In June, I watched as Muslims and non-Muslims came together to celebrate Ramadan at our Iftar dinner. In a time when it is so easy to see the hate in this world, IARP has shown me the beauty of cultures coming together to learn about and accept each other. This is what I love most about this organization, and what I look forward to working towards more in the future.

Non-profit work is new to me and I am beyond excited to continue learning and growing with IARP. The love and respect I have gained for this organization drives me to work hard and I hope to bring this drive to my new position as Development and Program Associate. This is the first time IARP has hired a second employee and I am honored to continue my work with this organization. The directors, board, volunteers, and community members have been wonderful these last seven months and I look forward to working with all of you in the future; thank you for this opportunity.


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